At the first

Cropped Photo © Tamara Beck

via Daily Prompt: Blush

When first we fell in love, we were sure
It would be forever, as if nothing could
Separate us, like Romeo and Juliet, only
We would not be duped into death as
They were, ours would be a lifetime of
Devotion, and there would be no compromise,
No surprises at our altar of love everlasting.
We knew it was meant to be, but we did not
Tend to it, as one does to a garden so that
Perrenials may live year in and year out,
Growing, and growing stronger as they
Bloom, despite the cold, despite the seasons.
We were not stewards of our own future.
We let others get in the way of us. We were
Not single-minded, and of course, we were
Young, too young to believe in ourselves
In the way that happiness requires. Our love,
Like many others, bloomed, but did not
Blossom. It failed us when we needed it.
As if at first blush, our love would fade.
We were so sure, once, that it would last.



Author Unknown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons: Laundry 1871
via Daily Prompt: Funnel

Money that has been scooped from one purpose to another is said to be in fact funnelled when its use is not legitimate. This kind of laundering takes place everywhere, from government to private industry; politicians often funnel funds designated for one social need into another aspect of the budget. This may fall under the category of creative accounting, or you may just call it malfeasance.

I will not

d3693-1-hesaidshesaidI will not lie and suggest it doesn’t shock

Change is so subtle that it goes almost

Unnoticed in the familiar, your  body to

Which I am as accustomed as to my own

Moves around me, its faultlines evident and

Marked just as the wrinkles that drag on

Mine mock my mortality so that it can no longer

Be denied or ignored, your frailty comes as a

Sudden surprise, my darling, change so subtle

That it has gone almost unnoticed, time has

An astonishing effect, its outcomes, not always

Welcome, or received as happy news. We are

Old, my darling. It is a consequence of time

And its subtle, almost unnoticed changes

I will not lie or suggest it does not shock



Opaque or transparent? …Lest I Forget

Some six months ago, I shut down one of my many blogs, Observations: Lest I Forget  and transferred much of its content to this one. I fully intended to put new content here and leave the …Lest I Forget site to history.

Truth is, I have a lot about which I wish to opine, and enjoy doing so in different fora and diverse platforms. So  Observations: Lest I Forget is being revived today, with fresh content all its own.



here is the dystopic future that I envision:

it’s not one in which cyborgs rule and it is
dangerous to be human, or one in which
being human is transformed into an illusory
outcome, and the endangered do not know
that they may perish at the will of the Other

as I see it, we will suffer indignities like slower
trains, when we know that travel at the speed of
light is attainable.
we will run out of the energies to fuel our activity,
although we are aware that alternative fuels are
available and desireable.
we will succumb to idiotic notions about our origins
and the nature of our universe when intelligent
information is ready to hand.

Where there were

© Tamara Beck

Where there were buildings

So familiar as to be forgotten

There are great big holes in the ground,

Waiting for cement and cranes,

And that inevitable uplift to 

The city skyline so familiar 

As to be anticipated 

© Tamara Beck