Cloudy and grey

Photo © Tamara Beck

Lying low, so close overhead

It feels–or maybe only you do–

Like you can touch the sky

Billowy, little cotton pillows in

White/grey/gray-blue/ with touches

Of black or brighter, cleaner, more

Clorox and transparent white,

Pillowing above the treelines,

Over the buildings, so close

You can touch the sky


Cloud sightings

Quiet waters, billowing clouds © 2014 Tamara Beck

Chapter 1: I am obsessed with the clouds in the sky, sometimes fluffy, usually ephemeral, they keep me grounded as the river and the buildings across the river, the bridges, and the helicopters never do.

Cotton candy skies, sweet all the way to a

Horizon, puffs of white mounds, some as

Solid as lumps in mashed potato, some as

Wispy and light as air, forming distant

Continents, all the way to a horizon,

Spanning overhead, patch of blue peaking

Out, in between and above the sweet

Cotton candy skies, like a world

Awaiting my exploration, but just out

Of reach.

Clouds are endlessly fascinating

They turn dark and threaten a downpour,

Or float innocently, as if held up by

Invisible strings in a vast blue,

A terrain different from ours on earth,

Both solid and ethereal at once, and

Suspended, billowing, over the horizon

Heat steams the sky so

A haze settles heavily below

The clouds, little countries of

White puffs, too far off

To visit, blowing around in the

Still, still air, steamy, the

Heat, oppressive, pushing down

The sun hiding from the crown

Of clouds, as they wander

In the murk spinning yonder

White clouds etched in shaded

Grey, their shadows weighted

Eclipsed along the way, haze

Resisting the sudden breeze

So that heat is all we feel

The blue of the sky is not teal

It is a baby blue, made pale

By the blur of mist, we can rail

Against the heat, and it makes

Us hotter, still, and will not slake

Even the rain cannot defeat

Or diminish the oppressive heat.








1drawingI wish I could draw,

I would tell you so much more

Of the sky, the clouds, that low-

Flying bi-plane overhead,

I would paint you a vision of

The ephemera of a cloud with a hole

Showing blue and closing slowly

Disappearing into itself, breaking

Apart and floating like an island

But soft and pillow-like. I would tell

You of the silica glistening off

A concrete wall, its solid shape

Holding off the sky, blue and bursting

With puffs of white, soft and pillow-

Like, over our heads, seagulls

And helicopters circling above.

The changing skyscape sketched

In quick broad strokes. Picture

This portrait of air and light

Cloudy skies

d55d9-rockefelleruniversityskyThere are clouds floating above,

Some, like fluffy balls of cotton candy, grace through the sky,

024_21AOthers are like grey icebergs waiting for a passing ship to hit

Or perhaps just sitting in the blue haze in menace of your bright day

Stay in control of who you are and keep those eager clouds at bay

There is meaning in the pictures painted above you and hope

Even in grey skies


Cloud formations

It’s a still-life landscape,

Painted in place, frozen

Clouds dotting a blue sky,

Puffs that float lazily,

Moored to a canvas of blue,

Unmoving, unmoved even by

The tufts of air that breeze

Across the water, the

River rippling with current,

Active, unlike the placid sky,

Fir trees making a soldierly

Display, green tinged with blue,

Like the sky but deeper,

Clouds of a sudden disperse,

Quietly, no longer suspended

In a silent sky, the exhibit

Changes when they disperse,

As noiselessly as if the picture

Weren’t different, as if they

Stayed in place, painted flat,

In the blue sky, all smooth lines

No edges, unpretentious, simple

Like a primitive painting, unrefined

A new still-life painted on a clear sky


At the peak

By Ivan Aivazovsky - The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH., Public Domain,
By Ivan Aivazovsky – The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH., Public Domain,

Cream puff clouds floating outlined in the sky

Their geography suggesting continental drift

Are those lakes and mountains at their peaks?

A hole in the sky, blue surrounded by the purity

Of cloud country, white and distinct, is a sea to

The island of billowing nebula, the estate in the

Sky, rich in everything but color, they are so pale

So self-contained, so bright against the azure

Of the firmament, a galaxy of their own, are they

The cream puff clouds floating, outlined in the blue