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All in

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Choices: Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6498898

Whatever your endeavors, it seems like it would be better to be fully engaged than just partly.

Even when you commit a faux pas, you should do it with a whole heart, since it is always better to commit to something than to be wishy-washy.

Don’t dip a toe, just go all in.


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Glass objects

Opaque or transparent?

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Wine, water, soda and all sorts of liquids find their home in a bottle. This glass object makes for a versatile container. It is fascinating to think that there are artisans who put sailing ships inside a bottle, as well.

These days when we say “bottle,” we might refer to one made not of blown glass but from plastic, which is far more common than the glass variety. It makes sense that this is so, since plastic won’t shatter when dropped from the ledge in your refrigerator. I contend that most drinks taste better when sipped from glass, however; if you have a bottle of seltzer, enjoy it by pouring it into a glass.

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Daily Prompt: Relieved

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A lightening rod of relief.

So the heat breaks, even briefly, and you are relieved.  It may be temporary, but you feel it as if it were a reprieve from troubled times.

The truth is like the old saw about the dog’s tail– if you step on it and then get off, the dog is so delighted, he’ll even wag his tail for his tormenter.

We suffer, and the slightest amnesty feels life-changing. We are similarly relieved when our government sounds normal for even a moment in time, but that is grist for another riff. I have to admit I am relieved that I don’t have to expand on it.


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Blossoms in a teapot (c) Tamara Beck

June 16th being Bloomsday, and the spring and summer being a time for gardens to flower, let us write of the blossom. Blooming as it does, the blossom matures and evolves in spring, and into the summer. By June, there are signs of burgeoning fields of florets. It is not just Bloomsday, but Blossom, Dearie, everywhere singing the praises of the season, perhaps even singing out “Once upon a summertime.”

But to return to the subject of the flower in bloom, the blossom, be it a rose, a daffodil (as Ms. Dearie’s record label was called), a carnation or a pom-pom, it is ever welcome.