At the first

via Daily Prompt: Blush When first we fell in love, we were sure It would be forever, as if nothing could Separate us, like Romeo and Juliet, only We would not be duped into death as They were, ours would be a lifetime of Devotion, and there would be no compromise, No surprises at our…

Let me see if I get this

via Daily Prompt: Grasp Is it a failing of my own, or has the world gone a tad mad? I cannot grasp the extent to which situations, circumstances, behaviors and relationships have dwindled to an appalling naught. Little, it seems matters as it once did. There is no desirable code of conduct among us anymore. I…

What’s that you’re wearing?

via Daily Prompt: Costume What if we only recognized each other by our plummage? We would be identified by the costume we wore. You would know who the players are by the color and cut of our clothing. This would be somewhat akin to wearing Capulet red in the Peter Martins version of Romeo + Juliet…

Stake your Claim

via Daily Prompt: Insist If there is any doubt about the truth, insist on evidence as proof. Demand, require, argue, protest, urge, exhort, and assert your unwillingness to be complicit in a lie. Insist on honesty. #Resist falsehood.

How shall I put it?

via Daily Prompt: Simplify To paraphrase a complex thought, I need to break it down. “Break it down,” incidentally is a dance term as well. It involves taking the steps you’ve combined and presenting them in an effort to simplify the movements. Some of us are better at this kind of activity, the process that makes…


via Daily Prompt: Puzzled “Wondering as I wander” is an old song refrain. It reflects just how puzzled I am by the state of our union.

Be my valentine!

via Photo Challenge: Beloved Hearts and flowers can be a challenge. Knowing whom you love is relatively easy. Keep an open heart. Embrace your beloved.


via Daily Prompt: Candid Really, is that what you think? Frankly, I need you to be completely candid with me. Can you do that?


via Daily Prompt: Funnel Money that has been scooped from one purpose to another is said to be in fact funnelled when its use is not legitimate. This kind of laundering takes place everywhere, from government to private industry; politicians often funnel funds designated for one social need into another aspect of the budget. This…

Things to avoid

via Daily Prompt: Allergic It’s not easy avoiding pollen. As a consequence, many of us are downing antihistamines all spring and fall. We have developed an allergic reaction to the air we breathe so that breathing has become a difficult endeavor.