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You’re no good…..

d3693-1-hesaidshesaidvia Daily Prompt: Crumb

There was never a time when you acted like a mensch. You were always a bum, a crumb, a no-goodnik.  I shoulda known!

It would have saved me having to pick up the pieces, the morsels of my life.  I shoulda known!

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via Daily Prompt: Priceless

We say “priceless” in response to a good story or a funny joke, but we really just mean that it was interesting or funny. In fact, the yarn or the punchline,  may not even warrant an FB® “wow.”

You know you are just exaggerating. It is must likely not a precious conversation, but one that tickles you in some way, so you rate it highly.


Daily Prompt

At Opposite Corners — Take Note

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via Photo Challenge: Corner My poem about corners below was originally posted on MyWord!2017: I take the corner, actually, I Kitcat it, short-cutting across, I remember my mother’s instruction Mathematics and life combining in it, “The shortest distance,” and the hypotenuse Of the triangle, but said in a language now Completely foreign to me. Only […]

via At Opposite Corners — Take Note