At Play

The waters ripple in the evening Tide, the moon, their soul mate, Hidden in a darkened sky is not Playful, even as the river scampers Across from shore to shore, released From its daytime duties, away from The sun, cloaked in darkness Does it search for the moon’s light? Or, is it content, running rapidly…

In the wake of

The wake, like a trail on a wedding Gown, at first, like that dress, white With the churning waters, then green With a carpet fringe of the river rapids, Demarking the passing of the ship, A boat, a yacht, really, full-steam quick And powerful, the green carpet left Behind its pull, no less than a…


  Upside down and waterlogged So that they are hard to read, Almost as indecipherable as the Mind of the pigeon that landed On the path in front of us

My establishing shot

This would be my establishing shot The one that sets the place and the Character, facing Roosevelt Island, Connecting to Queens, the lights on The bridge twinkling in twilight, Shadows, the river deep, dark and Mysterious, waters moving slowly With undercurrents, the river establishes Without irony, without self-parody, as Serious as the approaching night, shadows, Not…

Quiet and peaceful

Sitting as old men do Holding court with Memories, sharing both Wisdom and nonsense From a life fully lived Yet far from complete Never accepting blame or Regrets, but sitting in Tranquility, peaceful Still yet like the river with An undercurrent, there is News mixing with opinions All that need to be expressed And heard….


The river in its infinite variety Is always the same, running this Way and that, making waves, or Having them made on it by the Passing boats and barges in Their infinite variety, always The same but different


This would be my establishing shot, looking over the river at night fall. Glistening lights on the 59th Street bridge, the water illuminated by reflections from Roosevelt Island’s well-lit towers are magical. The clouds, minutes earlier prominent lines in the evening sketch, fade into the darkening sky. Water, even in darkness, has a power over…