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The album

BB+TBWe will never be this young again


We always knew that, but didn’t

Believe it, until one day, looking

At pictures of how we were, when


We were that young, smiling photos,

The happiness blended with youth,

We had to confess that time had

Passed, happily and with the stealth


Of time slipping by, unnoticed and

Quieter than the images of those young

Happy people looking back at us


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The river in its infinite variety
Is always the same, running this
Way and that, making waves, or
Having them made on it by the
Passing boats and barges in
Their infinite variety, always
The same but different

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In the garden

Let’s imagine a world of peace and harmony. Now imagine who (or what) would want to disrupt such a calm prospect.

Are we in the garden of Eden? Does it require a devil (or THE DEVIL) to tear it all apart?

Who would not want to live a life of quiet tranquility? Would you want to trade in complete serenity for disorder and chaos?

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So someone named

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Desert — The Daily Post

via Desert — The Daily Post

Okay, you did say desert and not dessert. Sorry, I misread. I am always quoting the old adage, life’s too short, eat dessert first. Does not fit here.

Deserts– like a few desserts– tend to be surprisingly reddish in hue. And can be very very lovely and calming places to visit.

I recommend them as part of a meditation ritual. Peaceful, soulful, gentle spaces that are often hotter than you’re comfortable with, but will take your breath away in the spiritual sense as well.