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The album

BB+TBWe will never be this young again


We always knew that, but didn’t

Believe it, until one day, looking

At pictures of how we were, when


We were that young, smiling photos,

The happiness blended with youth,

We had to confess that time had

Passed, happily and with the stealth


Of time slipping by, unnoticed and

Quieter than the images of those young

Happy people looking back at us


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Opaque or transparent? …Lest I Forget

Some six months ago, I shut down one of my many blogs, Observations: Lest I Forget  and transferred much of its content to this one. I fully intended to put new content here and leave the …Lest I Forget site to history.

Truth is, I have a lot about which I wish to opine, and enjoy doing so in different fora and diverse platforms. So  Observations: Lest I Forget is being revived today, with fresh content all its own.


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1drawingI wish I could draw,

I would tell you so much more

Of the sky, the clouds, that low-

Flying bi-plane overhead,

I would paint you a vision of

The ephemera of a cloud with a hole

Showing blue and closing slowly

Disappearing into itself, breaking

Apart and floating like an island

But soft and pillow-like. I would tell

You of the silica glistening off

A concrete wall, its solid shape

Holding off the sky, blue and bursting

With puffs of white, soft and pillow-

Like, over our heads, seagulls

And helicopters circling above.

The changing skyscape sketched

In quick broad strokes. Picture

This portrait of air and light

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Mirror image

By Jan Saenredam – http://www.hans-von-aachen.com : Home : Info : Pic, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12424465

Mirrors, like memory, both reflect and distort

The image fuzzy or clear, made larger or smaller

As we do in remembering slights and complements

In complimenting our past, we look as thtough a

Glass at what was or might have been equally both

Reflected and distorted, sometimes larger, sometimes

Smaller, behind us and ahead, never forgotten or

Forgiven, just different from what was, or from what

Might have been, the image blurred or unperturbed

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Smiley face!

Emoji- Happy face!

My history with smiling is fraught. As a teen, I presented dour and had teachers telling me to smile at every turn of the corridors.

Despite the presentation, I am actually a very happy type. Imagine my delight when my husband discovered an emoji in our wash basin. His delight was even greater, but he has these highs sometimes.

At any rate, there it was: 2 eyes and a broad smile on the damper in our sink.

Have a great day! Smile.


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Discomfited by thoughts both cruel

And urgent, ever aware that mortality

Runs through our veins, darkly, ever on

Edge, our cares not quietened by the deep

Still, instead we struggle in dreams, as if that

Beating heart might fail us, leave us stranded

Under a flickering neon sign, night time should

Be peaceful and sleepy, but our bodies a jangle

Of nerves, tangled like last year’s Christmas lights

Pulsating as if we had plugged them in, nerves

Muscles, blood racing to and fro a heart that is

Worried and worrying, aware and alert, eager

To thwart the end we foresee and ultimately dreadb462c-thend

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Let me tell you a little about my observations….

Photo © Tamara Beck from a Javits Center Exhibit.

First, I will tell you that they are random. Second, they are often cased in poetic structures. These are most assuredly rambling in style, although as a poet I do wish to be very specific about what I observe.

Here is a (non-poetic) reflection as a for instance:

What does it mean that the Wall StJournal offices are on West 42nd Street?

Is there some reason to want to find meaning in every odd thing?


Facts are not facts, they are tempered in the prism of opinion and judgement.

An observation and, perhaps a critique:

Sometimes, you just gotta be a fan.

I heard of her, of course, but until I heard her sing a story-tune, I did not know how good she was. Suzanne Vega is not as famous as some of my other crushes, like Bette Midler or Dolly Parton, but she has a good deal of talent and charm.

A riff on the pace we live:

The Now

Everything is ever present. There was a time when we would not be watching live coverage of events. The world was not always with us.

We would learn of somethings–no matter how horrific or shocking– the next day. Or, at least, later. On the 11 o’clock news.

Life would not intrude with breaking news constantly. If we were informed of things happening now, it would be in the form of a newscaster’s announcements. We were not witnesses.