It’s in the air….

What could possibly make me think of romantic comedies today?

I’m thinking perhaps it has something to do with it being Valentine’s Day, the holiday of romance and chocolates, flowers and cute cupid notes.

Vegan meal “selfie” by our granddaughter

So, is this a good time to begin making lists? Of course, it is. For me, most days are a good time to create curations of films, or theater, and such.

Today is a great day to appreciate the rom-coms. So here we go:

  • Anyone of a number of sometimes very moving Hallmark, yes that Hallmark, Channel films. Of particular note, 
  • Elevator Girl. although many others have elicited tears and joy.
  • Serendipity is underrated by most, but very appealing, and perfect for this category.
  • Bull Durham has always been the top choice for most romantic film story of all-time for me.
  • Like the Drew Barrymore rom-com, Fever Pitch, Bull Durham has both hearts and baseball in its corner.
  • Barefoot in the Park has recently become an obsession. It has the advantage of pairing Jane Fonda at her most charming and the droll and handsome Robert Redford.
  • Speaking of Redford, he also stars opposite Barbra Streisand in the most delightfully sad-lovely tale The Way We Were.
Celebrate Valentine's Day with a movie and roses.
Blossoms in a teapot (c) Tamara Beck

Lists like these are fraught with the dilemmas that choosing always brings us. They are also patently absurd, and ever so restrictive. And of course, totally incomplete. It is also nearly impossible to truly pick a favorite. The very process of creating an archive like this is exhausting!

  • Moonstruck is definitely a love story that makes the list for V’Day viewing.
  • Diane Keaton is still churning out romantic comedies, including the current Book Club
  • but her preeminent role was as Annie Hall.
  • Something’s Gotta Give makes this list, as well, in another Keaton led romance.
  • Her co-star in that lovely little love story, Jack Nicholson is truly romantic in Anything Goes and also in
  • Terms of Endearment, with Shirley MacLaine, a bitter-sweet story that pleases and pains.
  • Waiting to Exhale is very romantic and one of my hubby’s favorites, as is it’s star, Whitney Houston.
  • Angela Bassett can be found there as well as in How Stella Got Her Groove On
  • Bassett also appears in an anti-Valentine, as it were, the classic What’s Love Got to Do With It, (it makes the list for its portrayal of resilience
  • Let’s not make an unValentine list just now!
  • Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan made their contribution to the genre with Sleepless in Seattle and
  • You’ve Got Mail, a remake of
  • The Shop Around the Corner, remade as
  • In the Good Old Summertime, a musical vehicle for Judy Garland, Van Johnson and SZ Sakall.
  • Deliver Us From Eva is a romance of empowerment and love
  • along the lines of Kiss Me Kate and let’s add another 
  • Gabrielle Union picture Two Can Play That Game

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I will now retire with a cup of hot, rich coffee and admire the roses my husband put in my window!


It’s the 4th of July: Who are you?

By Denmarkmaine – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Many of us are, or are descendents of those who have come from far away to be in America. The place we were born and the one in which we landed conspire to make our identity. We say we are Italian-Americans, or Americans of German ancestry. Some brought the homeland with them, for instance, naming a place in Maine after Denmark and another after Poland. Those of us lucky enough to be from my city mostly just say we’re New Yorkers.

As citizens of the United States, however, we are always recognized by our distinctive Americanness. Who are you? I am an American.

Public Domain,

What does that mean? I am an American. It means I honor the hard-won rights, liberties, and responsibilities of all those singular and distinguished Americans who forged this “more perfect union.” Some of us continue to struggle to keep the ideals of our Constitution (and its amendments) intact. We are united in the laws of our land. We are one under a flag that represents American values. Nothing should divide us, although many things do.

Sometimes it’s our background, or place of origin that keeps us from acknowledging that we are all one people. Sometimes, it’s our ethnic heritage or religious beliefs that we hold above being an American. Sometimes it’s the ethnicity (or choice of worship) of our fellow Americans that we disparage, showing disrespect not only to our compatriots but also to our way of life. We allow differences in political orientation to distract us from who we truly are. We are not Republicans or Democrats. As denizens of a democratic republic, we are in truth both. We need to celebrate and esteem our “nation, indivisible” and recognize the unity that is  these UNITED STATES of America.

Happy 4th of July!

Hope, hate, and disruption

Lest we forget in the haze of all the disinformation we hear.

When we lost hope, we also abandoned principles of decency and justice.

The banners of hate, complicity and racism are cynically being held up to wave over the new US of A.

We are so used to strong-arming and speech that incites to anger that we have become compliant. The abundance of disinformation from the top keeps us off kilter.

The truth, that we have lost our way, is glaringly evident. Can we find it, after the disruptions pile up?

The leadership we have allowed to lead us down this rabbit hole is leaving permanent scars on the democracy. We need greater vigilance to steer us through this maze and the mayhem. You might say, “but look at the stock market,” and ignore the things you have given up.

Arthur Szyk (1894-1951). Thomas_Jefferson’s Oath (1951), New Canaan, CT

A rich country with some 10% of our population likely to not be covered in a health crisis. Health insurance is important and not just for those who are insured. We all pay a toll. There are too many of us too many of us likely to not be able to pay for our children’s illnesses , and living in poverty

The tariff war that has been started will hit you personally in the pocket book, but it will not bring steel manufacturing back to Pittsburgh. It may even make it impossible for cars to be made in our Southern states because the automobile industry depends on imported steel. And cars are not the only item in your budget that will become more expensive.

There are plenty of circuses meant to keep us off guard. The Korean Summit with promises of peace and assurances of success is just one of these trompe l’oeil. A scheduled meeting with Putin is another. Assurances that anyone disagreeing with the administration is pandering so called fake news is a third ring in this circus. Tweets are the messengers, billboards for the disrupt.

The rule of law is being eroded. We, each of us, is being made over into an American less than the person conceived by our Constitution. Democracy is in threat.

Beware, and be wary!


Stake your Claim

1brassyvia Daily Prompt: Insist

If there is any doubt about the truth, insist on evidence as proof. Demand, require, argue, protest, urge, exhort, and assert your unwillingness to be complicit in a lie. Insist on honesty. #Resist falsehood.


Author Unknown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons: Laundry 1871
via Daily Prompt: Funnel

Money that has been scooped from one purpose to another is said to be in fact funnelled when its use is not legitimate. This kind of laundering takes place everywhere, from government to private industry; politicians often funnel funds designated for one social need into another aspect of the budget. This may fall under the category of creative accounting, or you may just call it malfeasance.

So close…Can’t wait…Here it goes…

Here. at midnight on the 31st of December, the ball will drop and you–even from your couch at home– will join the throngs in yelling out Happy New Year! Photo © Tamara Beck

via Daily Prompt: Finally

You waited 364 days for this one. Or is it 363 this year? Whichever it is, finally the anticipated New Year is upon us.

Well, in truth, in some locales around the globe it has already peaked, but here in NYC we await the balldrop some 13 plus hours from now, and counting.

One two three … midnight and happy new year.


good-better-best by Tamara Beck

via Daily Prompt: Almost

Not quite there — that is what your muttered almost tells us. It is a goal differed.

Almost signifies the hope of something as yet unachieved.

Our aspirations for a better world are entrusted to quietly uttered resolutions, when they depend on our actions to turn them from almost to accomplishment.