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Do you remember this?

Time and the river wait for noone. Photos © Tamara Beck.

I have expunged so much and so many from my recollection

When they come creeping in, it’s on ghost feet

Sometimes I welcome the newly remembered

Sometimes I dread the associations they bring me

Some memories amuse, others confuse, some

Simply disabuse me of my moral superiority, I

Have not served truth or justice, not always,

Just sometimes; glory is not mine to strut or savor,

Not always, just sometimes, Who were you? Who was I?

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via Daily Prompt: Shine with thanks to Ben Huberman, The Daily Post for the inspiration

24cce-1starsshineIt is not always easy to shine. Being in the spotlight is sometimes desireable, and sometimes not. If we could shine, and be brilliant, some of us would welcome it, while others would cringe from the attention.

Some of us are just not meant to shine; we quietly sing the backup, and offer assistance and support. Our limelight is dimmer, but we are not dimmed. Do we shine with an internal flame? Definitely. Everyone contributes to the human drama in their own way. So perhaps I should have said that some of us are just not meant to shine as brightly. We all have an inner light.

Shining that light of truth on injustice is more important than having a light shining on you. You don’t need to be prominent or famous or infamous. Do not seek publicity. EGO DOESN’T SHINE. You need to be centered not centerstage. You are illuminated from within.

Shine on.