Language, well at least until it succumbed to being written, was an unseen organism of communication. In its seen form it can be in black and white or colored print, and may have started as pictograms but has evolved over time. Language, whether in writing or spoken, is an evolving tool whose changes can be…

Stake your Claim

via Daily Prompt: Insist If there is any doubt about the truth, insist on evidence as proof. Demand, require, argue, protest, urge, exhort, and assert your unwillingness to be complicit in a lie. Insist on honesty. #Resist falsehood.


via Daily Prompt: Funnel Money that has been scooped from one purpose to another is said to be in fact funnelled when its use is not legitimate. This kind of laundering takes place everywhere, from government to private industry; politicians often funnel funds designated for one social need into another aspect of the budget. This…


via Daily Prompt: Almost Not quite there¬†— that is what your muttered almost tells us. It is a goal differed. Almost signifies the hope of something as yet unachieved. Our aspirations for a better world are entrusted to quietly uttered resolutions, when they depend on our actions to turn them from almost to accomplishment.

Honestly? Honestly!

via Daily Prompt: Confess In an era of frankness (well not in the political arena¬†or in our “civic” lives, but certainly in films), why do so many bio-pics present such a bowdlerized view of their subjects? Sanitizing and censoring the lives that the persons of interest led seems an unpardonable treatment. It may be possible…

Polish or coverup?

via Daily Prompt: Varnish Putting a coat of varnish on an old beat-up piece is one way of making it look shinier and maybe younger than its years and wear. Like “fake news,” the ever-so-popular-with-the-conservative-base meme, varnish gives an illusion of things being other than they are. Let me explain what I mean about “fake…


John Kelly, for instance, has redefined “patriotism” to mean “treason for a cause you believe.” He defends Robert E. Lee in these terms and calls the Civil War, in effect, a misunderstanding.


We go to the gym to stay healthy. For most of us, fitness is a path to keeping well for the long haul. So I worry about the possibility of getting sick at the health club. It’s not just the sneezy neighbor on the next mat. It’s also all the dirt and grime on the…


Is there a scenario in which values and ethics can become stakeholders in industry and commerce?


Which of these rhymes is more elegant? (Caveat to readers, this may be a trick question.) “No swingin’, no jerkin’ Let your muscles do the werkin’” or, the more grammatically correct Don’t swing, don’t jerk Let your muscles do the work Sometimes poetry is in the flow of the words and not just in their…


Words, my darling, do have meaning You mustn’t demean them They are never meaningless Nor do they mean less than what they Say; they have strength to express feelings Surely, that is not without meaning I love you is an idea, an observation, a Thought I often have; I share it because I Mean it;…


via Daily Prompt: Trance Staying alert is not always possible. It is an optimum state but not an entirely default position. Often we are in a trance–numbed by events, by ignorance, by choice.