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Do you remember this?

Time and the river wait for noone. Photos © Tamara Beck.

I have expunged so much and so many from my recollection

When they come creeping in, it’s on ghost feet

Sometimes I welcome the newly remembered

Sometimes I dread the associations they bring me

Some memories amuse, others confuse, some

Simply disabuse me of my moral superiority, I

Have not served truth or justice, not always,

Just sometimes; glory is not mine to strut or savor,

Not always, just sometimes, Who were you? Who was I?

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The album

BB+TBWe will never be this young again


We always knew that, but didn’t

Believe it, until one day, looking

At pictures of how we were, when


We were that young, smiling photos,

The happiness blended with youth,

We had to confess that time had

Passed, happily and with the stealth


Of time slipping by, unnoticed and

Quieter than the images of those young

Happy people looking back at us


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Opaque or transparent? …Lest I Forget

Some six months ago, I shut down one of my many blogs, Observations: Lest I Forget  and transferred much of its content to this one. I fully intended to put new content here and leave the …Lest I Forget site to history.

Truth is, I have a lot about which I wish to opine, and enjoy doing so in different fora and diverse platforms. So  Observations: Lest I Forget is being revived today, with fresh content all its own.


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Whispering birds

via Daily Prompt: Murmuration

Photo © Tamara Beck.

Spring announces its arrival in whispers with an appearance of tulip buds and flocks of starlings.

Setting the clock back an hour for a species daylight saving is just icing on spring’s cake.

As for the time, let me ruminate thus:

At 9 o’clock that’s really 10 o’clock, that is really 9 o’clock, I contemplate the nature of time.

As midnight strikes somewhere on December 31st, a distant time from now, this spring time about to be, the New Year cascades in ever echoing murmurs around the globe.

When and where is it truly 12 o’clock, the middle of the night? We cannot seem to get a fix on the time today, March 12th, when we have set our clocks back. 10 a.m. is an artifice today.

Is time relative, or can it be fixed? Can being late be an alternate fact?


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Constructs of time

By Morio (photo taken by Morio)
[GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)
or CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

Do these constructs of time

Strike you as silly like

They do me? Today is

Spring, because it’s March

21st but the 19th, that was

Still winter and come June

Summer will begin and the

Whole universe is expected

To tow the line, obey the

Law of the seasons in a timely

Manner, flowers are to bloom

And leaves to fall, cold winds

To blow and rains to pound

The hard earth, each in

Their turn, each in their time

© Tamara Beck