Stake your Claim

via Daily Prompt: Insist If there is any doubt about the truth, insist on evidence as proof. Demand, require, argue, protest, urge, exhort, and assert your unwillingness to be complicit in a lie. Insist on honesty. #Resist falsehood.

Revisiting — Observations: Lest I Forget

Six months ago, I took this site to a new location, which I call My Word! 2017, but today, I have a change of heart. Yes, there will be overlaps as I uploaded much of the previous content from Observations: Lest I Forget to the “new digs.” But, now, I will populate this “old house” […]…

The legacy

via Photo Challenge: Heritage So few of us get to enjoy or leave a legacy. Our pasts are an unsung heritage. We know what our predecessors– our ancestors– have done, but are not beneficiaries of what they have left. We recall family histories in which our past is prologue, but we do not hold the…


Disruption seems to be a big theme for the millanial generation. Blowing things up, in fact, is part of the notion that change is always a moving forward. Disrupting the supply chain, the way in which we pay for the things that are manufactured, are part of a new economy. This model is supported by…

Snow day/Time out

Clean the house? Go on the internet? Is there a choice in this cunundrum? Trapped in a house looking out at an unattractive storm, my choices also include cooking up a pot of veggies (done) and chatting with the hubster (doing). Now, with several hours of blogging behind me, and some minor cleaning under

Possibly maybe

via Daily Prompt: Abstract In the abstract, life in a wilderness where mild temperatures and lush vegetation prevails seems very satisfying. What could be unpleasant about living in paradise?  The notion that I could thrive in a clearing even under blue skies and sunshine is slightly ridiculous. In reality, my reality at least, there is a strong…

All alone

via Photo Challenge: Solitude Some of us are happiest surrounded by multitudes. We are the city dwellers. That said, no one wants to be alone all the time. Some of us, even those who like crowds, look for moments of quiet. Solitude can be meditative. Let’s take the opportunity to enjoy the silence.


Originally posted on SidewalkSuperBlog:
Glass is an inviting material. It has an airy lightness, while it also lets in lots of light. Sometimes it reflects the sky; at other times, it just seems to open up the view. Often, it seems as if light emanates from within a glass building as well. Glass houses are not…

Re: use

via Photo Challenge: Repurpose Don’t throw it away. Don’t let anything go to waste. That lampshade can be repurposed as a hat, even when sober. Turn boxes into baskets.Turn bigger boxes into seating. Adjust your focus. There is no end of re-use when you plan to repurpose your discards.  

It’s All American History, Isn’t It?

Originally posted on Our Theater Blog: TandBOnTheAisle:
Black history month gives us one month a year to look at the role of African-Americans in the story of our past. Let’s face it, that still leaves us 12 months to keep the perspective white. I… Source: It’s All American History, Isn’t It? I confess that it…

January 20th

The ship of state, unmoored Tacks drunkenly to the right, Her sails at full mast, unfurled Listing through the dark night, Off-course, and in troubling waters. Heading deeper into the uncharted, Where the greedy fill their coffers, Freedoms and privileges disrespected. The rules of law unprincipally ignored, Her citizens accustomed to a frenzy Of vituperation that…

Full of grace

via Photo Challenge: Graceful Grace Kelly was a woman whose persona was an embodiment of the meaning of her first name. She was elegant, ethereal, and stylish. In short, she had grace. My mother reminded me of her, or of Marlene Dietrich, another iconically cool blonde. In her presence, I always felt a bit awkward….