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Blossoms in a teapot (c) Tamara Beck

June 16th being Bloomsday, and the spring and summer being a time for gardens to flower, let us write of the blossom. Blooming as it does, the blossom matures and evolves in spring, and into the summer. By June, there are signs of burgeoning fields of florets. It is not just Bloomsday, but Blossom, Dearie, everywhere singing the praises of the season, perhaps even singing out “Once upon a summertime.”

But to return to the subject of the flower in bloom, the blossom, be it a rose, a daffodil (as Ms. Dearie’s record label was called), a carnation or a pom-pom, it is ever welcome.

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The 4th of July

Arthur Szyk (1894-1951). Thomas_Jefferson’s Oath (1951), New Canaan, CT

Who needs civil liberties? The rights of our citizens were hard-won. Freedom did not just emerge from the blood and sweat of the Revolutionary War in documents of federation and constitutional laws. Some Americans had many more years to struggle to see their rights recognized. Many of our privileges evolved in the amendments to our Bill of Rights over the 3 centuries since that war established a United States.

The simple single answer is we all do. Remembering, as always, that with rights come responsibilities.

Sometimes it is not possible to quell the anger, fear and hatred of a policeman who stops a citizen for a tail-light violation. Situations get out of hand. The driver is arrested.

Many of the folks incarcerated have committed only the crime of “driving while black.” Responsible parents in the Afro-American community teach their children how to mitigate the outcomes of this very serious circumstance. It is one which affects the statistic in which 14% of a county’s population are prosecuted or jailed for more than 50% of the crimes committed there.

When 14% of a county’s population in places like Mississippi, for instance, are prosecuted for more than half the crimes committed in that county, it looks like that 14% are the bad seed. Looks can be deceiving. Statistics like these are clearly skewed. They are also deceiving.



I keep lists

By US Department of State – National Records, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30459828

And I share lists. These are in the category of not to be confused:

Dangerous Minds

A Beautiful Mind

A Serious Man

A Rational Man

Man with the Golden Arm

No country for Old Men

All The King’s Men

Life of a King

Any Jason Bourne

Any James Bond

Dangeous Minds

Les Liaisons Dangereuses (but you knew that)

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Alice’s Restaurant

Alice in Wonderland


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When things are blurry, it’s hard to see which object is the center of your attention. This is why we ask students to focus. It is also why we want those holding a lens to give us a clear picture, although we must acknowledge that there are times when the out-of-focus
is more in keeping with the auteur’s vision.