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In partnership

Partnering has developed a new look as the 21st century progresses. Partly, this is a reflection of a more liberal social milieu. Gender fluidity is the term of art for this LGBTQ-era. Same sex marriage, mixed use bathrooms, dorms which house both boys and girls on the same floor are part of our new-age maturity. […]

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By Airman 1st Class Aaron Montoya –, Public Domain,

We go to the gym to stay healthy.

For most of us, fitness is a path to keeping well for the long haul.

So I worry about the possibility of getting sick at the health club.

It’s not just the sneezy neighbor on the next mat.

It’s also all the dirt and grime on the weights you pick up, and the dust on mats and steps.

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At Play

Photo © Tamara Beck

The waters ripple in the evening
Tide, the moon, their soul mate,
Hidden in a darkened sky is not
Playful, even as the river scampers
Across from shore to shore, released
From its daytime duties, away from
The sun, cloaked in darkness
Does it search for the moon’s light?
Or, is it content, running rapidly
On its own, hosting brightly-lit
Boats that appear like beacons
From time to time, lighting up
The dark riverscape, even if the
Moon will not peek out to help
Clarify and inform the water’s path

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The TreasurerSeptember 06, 2017 – October 22, 2017
Peter Jay Sharp Theater
Written by Max Posner
Directed by David Cromer
Peter Friedman in a scene from The Treasurer at Playwrights Horizons through November 5, 2017. Photo © Joan Marcus.

If you expect to find yourself in hell in an afterlife of which you are dubious, it may be because, like The Son (played by Peter Friedman at PHnyc) in Max Posner’s The Treasurer, you feel immense guilt.

Feeling guilty, for some of us, is a go-to. For example, it is perfectly normal for me to feel like I have never done enough. As part of the super hero complex from which I suffer, I am certain that I have not done enough to mitigate the world’s evil. This may strike you as an inflated sense of my powers. How much can each or any one of us do to offset the ills of the world?

Natural disasters tend to bring out the conscience of the crowd, or most of it at any rate. The misfortunes of others is another trigger for compassion. Of course, in our pet obsessed country, tragedies involving innocent animals, the  degree of compassion is often raised.

Empathy is  a deeper level of sympathy, and one that has us walking miles in others’ shoes. Talk about guilt-inducing situations!

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© Tamara Beck

Ethics in business is not only about behaving well or even doing good. It is also about, as the Hippocratic oath would have it, doing no harm.

The quest for an ethical business model continues at Baruch on October 31st with Mary C. Gentile talking about Giving Voice To Values: The “How” of Business Ethics.
The HSBC-sponsored Student Series on Ethics and Accountability has been focusing on issues of corporate standards and morality for some years now. Dr. Gentile focuses on values-driven leadership and helping managers find their way to an ethical understanding of the issues that face their businesses.

Is there a scenario in which values and ethics can become stakeholders in industry and commerce?

Among the issues that troubled Duff McDonald’s  and others was the elevation of the investor as the sole stakeholder a company would recognize. The ethical questions that arise from this practice of bowing only to shareholder value may be subtle, but they result in companies paying employees less in order to keep the stock price high, or in wholesale firings for the same end. The other stakeholders in the proposition– suppliers, partnering entities, the community– are ignored. This was one of points in his October 12th presentation at Baruch’s Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity. (See a New Yorker commentary on McDonald’s book for further enlightenment.)

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Cloudy and grey

Photo © Tamara Beck

Lying low, so close overhead

It feels–or maybe only you do–

Like you can touch the sky

Billowy, little cotton pillows in

White/grey/gray-blue/ with touches

Of black or brighter, cleaner, more

Clorox and transparent white,

Pillowing above the treelines,

Over the buildings, so close

You can touch the sky