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good-better-best by Tamara Beck

via Daily Prompt: Almost

Not quite there — that is what your muttered almost tells us. It is a goal differed.

Almost signifies the hope of something as yet unachieved.

Our aspirations for a better world are entrusted to quietly uttered resolutions, when they depend on our actions to turn them from almost to accomplishment.

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Honestly? Honestly!

By P.D Jankens – Fred Chess, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24974

via Daily Prompt: Confess

In an era of frankness (well not in the political arena or in our “civic” lives, but certainly in films), why do so many bio-pics present such a bowdlerized view of their subjects? Sanitizing and censoring the lives that the persons of interest led seems an unpardonable treatment.

It may be possible to excuse Hollywood for masking Lorenz Hart’s sexual inclinations in the 1948 film, Words and Music. But the times they are a-changin’ as Bob Dylan would put it. Shouldn’t we be more forthright about who Cole Porter really was in De-Lovely than we were in 1946 in Night and Day? The Kevin Klein version from 2004 hints only slightly at the double life Porter had.

The facts of a person’s life may not be as straightforward or as simply depicted as we’d like to think. Allowing for artistic license and interpretation as well as for the p.o.v. of the auteur, the life on the screen cannot replicate the life as it was lived.


The movie about Sylvia Plath’s relationship with Ted Hughes, Sylvia (2003) is based on a collection of his poems. To the survivor belongs the turn of the tale. Even the esteemable Richard Attenborough while harnessing the talents of the superb Robert Downey, Jr. misses the mark in revealing Chaplin to his audience. While I will confess to having it liked it, I agree that the movie underplays the dramas inherent in Charlie Chaplin’s rich and controversial life.


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Quiet waters © 2015 Tamara Beck

via Daily Prompt: Cherish

Cherish life, appreciate love,

Worship, if you must, all that

Lies before you, the golden

Treasures of each lovely day

Cherish memories, appreciate

Everything you are given,

The moon, the river, time as it

Passes, like the waves from

Shore to shore, all this is

Precious, hold it close to

Your heart where all that

Is dear belongs, cherish the

Life you have, appreciate

Your love and hold it close


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Life is sweeter — Commenting

Life is sweeter when mixed with the bitter It’s an irony, they take the honeyed with the Strangely acerbic, and the alchemy takes the Sour from life, and lightens the heart, evens our Breathing, it seems we need the spectrum of Tastes to appreciate what each brings forth Sharp, acidic, sugary, spiced, mild and mellow […]

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Upside down

OnTyrranyWe’ve fallen head first into a mess, mostly not of our choosing. We live in an alternate universe. Truth has been turned into dare. The real is decried as fake.

When our masters declare that what has been deemed wrong is now right, we acquiesce. Some of the more faithful minions echo the sentiments of our sovereigns with full-throated acceptance. Now the world has gone topsy-turvy. We enhabit the upside down.

A once free, decent and independent people allow themselves to be downtrodden. Worse they allow their values to be ridiculed. Ethical folks have had their principles inverted while they stare in disbelief, stunned into inaction.

The leader’s belligerent proclamations do not bode well for a future in this brave new world nor most certainly in the one we left behind. There is no peace in your heart, nor in the greater world around you. He has made the universe in his image– nasty, aggressive, vindictive, bullying and exclusionary.

This is not what we hoped for for ourselves and for our fellow wanderers on earth. Some devil must have imagined this dystopia and unleashed it upon our world.

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Just the facts

By Orlando Ferguson – The History Blog, actually Library of Congress 2011594831, G3201.A67 1893 .F4, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15853213

via Daily Prompt: Theory

The point at which theory turns to fact is part of the process of verification that  scientists advocate and adopt. Every theory requires proof.

Would that we were all so mindful of our beliefs! The truth is not always what we think it, and conspiracies are among the many theories espoused without any proof. The only thing that proves is that we are not thorough and we are not scientists in our daily lives.

This can be made even worse when fake news becomes the rallying cry for our politicians and civic leaders. There is nothing civic or civil in declaring false what is true and lying to the American public. It is a disservice when those in positions to lead make people believe that the news is not real, even when the source of that news is reputable.

The scientific method would make us question every such misstatement, and prove what is so, and disprove what is not. Fine lines need to be drawn ever finer. When the truth holds up, theory becomes fact. Amen to that!

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Polish or coverup?

Cropped Photo © Tamara Beck

via Daily Prompt: Varnish

Putting a coat of varnish on an old beat-up piece is one way of making it look shinier and maybe younger than its years and wear. Like “fake news,” the ever-so-popular-with-the-conservative-base meme, varnish gives an illusion of things being other than they are. Let me explain what I mean about “fake news”– for the most part this is a term used to denigrate the factual. Varnish, in its way, denigrates a reality as well; it alters –or attempts to alter–the age and condition of the furniture to which it is applied. In this way, varnish is truly a fakery, while “fake news” is a slur against truth.